Distinguished Alumni & Friends

We recognize the following alumni & friends for excellence in their respective fields.

The Knofel Staton Christian Communication Award
Established 2006

May 2010 - Teresa Smith
May 2009 - Shane Austin-Brown
May 2008 - Jiri Novak
May 2007 - Dan Shields

Medford Jones Servant Leader Award
Established 2005

May 2010
PCC – Stephanie Schick
SPS – Douglas Love
SGS – Shawn Gardner

May 2009
PCC – Kevin Forbes
SPS – Joel Aaron Hill
SGS – Milah Lee

May 2008
PCC – Aaron Jones
SPS – Jeff Ahlberg
SGS – Gregory Stanhaus

May 2007
PCC – Josh Bollen
SPS – Deric Unoura
SGS – Chuck Mihlbauer

May 2006
PCC - Elizabeth Lee
SPS – Amber Joy Milbrodt
SGS – Ron Cushing

The Rose B. & Edgar B. McReynolds
Faculty Excellence Award
Established in 2001

May 2010 Natalie Hewitt
May 2009 David Matson
May 2008 Joseph Cho
May 2007 Paul Alexander
May 2006 David L. Matson
May 2005 Stephen Richardson
May 2004 Tiffaney Lyda
May 2003 Paul Alexander
May 2002 Steven D. Edgington
May 2001 Joseph C. Grana, II

The Paul R.McReynolds Academic Excellence Prize

May 2010 Christa Crohurst
May 2009 Angelica Sprague
May 2008 Caleb Acton
May 2007 Scott Sayers
May 2006 Cara Schenk
May 2004 Tyler Watson
May 2003 Sarah Reed
May 2002 Tiffany Atwell
May 2001 Mark Reiswig, Terah Atwell, Denise Charlton, Paul Leonard
May 2000 Angela Marie Cookman
May 1999 Anna Merrell
May 1998 Eugene Chang
May 1997 Kari Pel
May 1996 Dane Davis

Hope International University
Given at Commencement Services
Established in 1992

May 2010 Floyd Strater
Dec 2007 Gene Carter
May 2004 Thelma Laster
Dec 2002 Joyce Smith, Katherine Rowe, Chuck Lowry
May 18, 2002 Laretta Shrader
Dec 15, 2001 Don Brookover
May 19, 2001 Dr. Leroy Fulton
Dec 16, 2000 Paul & Dorothy Young and Alger Fitch
May 13. 2000 Paul McReynolds
Dec 18, 1999 Roland & Phyllis Lee
May 16, 1998 Medford Jones
May 17, 1997 Shirley Woods Powell
May 20, 1995 Gertrude Hanson
May 21,1994 Leo & Irma Williams Family (Alumni Banquet)
May 29, 1993 Ragon Flannery
May 25, 1992 John Rowe

Given at the Celebrate Hope Dinner
Established in 2000

2009 Mitch Hovey
2008 Don Brookover
2007 Maurice F. Knott
2006 E. C. “Gene” Boutault
2005 Patricia Soderquist
2004 Richard Stack
2003 Les Christensen
2002 Ken Walker
2001 Ted & Linda Clapper
2000 Jack & Dodie Londen

Our Alumni Tell Our Story Best

Photo - Jeremy Jernigan

Jeremy Jernigan
B.M. Worship Arts '06

Teaching Pastor
Central Christian Church
Mesa, AZ

"At Hope, I received Biblical training from passionate leaders that care about what they are teaching and the people they are teaching it to. The professors have shaped my ministry in numerous practical ways because they are doing ministry themselves. Their influence continues to show itself through how I now interpret and use Scripture in my personal life and in teaching God’s Word each week. If you want to get serious about following after Jesus Christ, Hope will give you an education that will push you to bring healing to a broken world with a relevant message.”

Our Alumni Tell Our Story Best

Photo - Nancy Gill

Nancy Gill
M.Ed. '98

Trinity Lutheran Christian School
Anaheim Hills, CA

"My experience at Hope transformed my teaching beliefs and practices, bringing forth new ideas and enhancing the educational dynamic at Trinity."

Our Alumni Tell Our Story Best

Photo - Mike Parejo

Mike Parejo
M.A. '09

Student Ministries Pastor
Pantano Christian Church
Tucson, AZ

"The graduate ministry program has been a great fit for me in my current position as the Student Ministries Pastor at my church in Arizona. Between the block program and online courses, I can take the classes I need and ensure that I get plenty of time with my two young sons. I really appreciate Hope's standard of a balanced education between Scriptural, professional, and personal development. The flexibility in the program allows me to take classes that not only will help me in the future, but in my current ministry as well."

Our Alumni Tell Our Story Best

Photo - May Chan

May Chan
M.B.A. '98

Chief Financial Officer
American Red Cross

"At Hope I expanded not only my academic knowledge, but also my foundation of faith."

Our Alumni Tell Our Story Best

Photo - Beth Allen

Beth Allen
M.B.A. '07

Placement Services Manager
Food for the Hungry

"The HIU International Development MBA gave me better tools for daily management challenges and problem-solving. I didn't have to wait until I finished the degree – I used some of my class projects to make positive changes in teams I worked with at my NGO and at my church. I learned so much not just from the highly experienced faculty but also from my fellow students, who came from all over the world and from many different professional backgrounds."