Hope Model United Nations Team Ready for Boston

Hope Model United Nations Team

Students from Hope International University (HIU) have spent the past five months preparing to take part in the Harvard National Model United Nations that takes place from February 17th to the 20th in Boston, MA. Model UN is a nonprofit organization that provides students and faculty a forum for discussing global concerns in a "real world" context. Through participating in Model UN, students are better prepared to be civically engaged citizens through educational experiences that emphasize cooperative resolution of conflict, while exposing them to the realities of negotiation and differing viewpoints.

The event will have over 3,000 students from colleges and universities from more than 35 nations. Students representing HIU are Cameron Benton, Heather Hicks, Hughie Hughes, Beatrice Krause, Ryan McKinney, Tyler Patterson, Cesia Rojas, Jessica Ruf, and Danny Sigumoto. This is the first year that Hope has taken a team to the Model UN Conference.

Roberto Sirvent, Associate Professor of Social Science at HIU, is the team's guide. "My goal as a political science professor is to equip students to wrestle with the big moral and political questions of their day. None of these issues are simple. I want the students to grasp the complexity of the international system."

Sirvent, who earned his J.D. from the University of Maryland School of Law, is nothing but confident in their abilities. "From what I've seen in their work so far, I have no doubt they will represent our school well." The group spent time fundraising during the fall semester and have been spending the last four months studying their assigned country, Eritrea, which is a small independent state bordering the Red Sea in northeastern Africa. Topics of study for the Model UN team include international issues, such as the crisis in Gaza, as well as the political, social, and economic climate of Eritrea.

Sirvent notes many positives to the Model UN experience, including helping the students become better writers, researchers and public speakers. He hopes that the HIU Model UN team creates lasting friendships with other students at the event and that they grow intellectually too. "By participating in the Harvard conference, I hope that each student begins to contemplate their role in the global conversation."

For more information please contact Professor Sirvent at or (714)879-3901.

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