HIU Chapel Series Welcomes Victor Marx on February 17


Victor Marx is the founder and President of the national faith-based organization, “All Things Possible,” a ministry created to inspire, motivate, and give troubled and incarcerated youth the turn-around they need to overcome their circumstances and live a victorious life in Christ. He has been using his expert skills in the martial arts (Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, and Weapons) along with his natural charisma and sense of humor to work with high-risk youth for the past two decades.

It takes a great light to shine through the deepest darkness. To say Victor had a troubled upbringing would be putting it mildly: Rejected before birth by his abusive biological father; forced to grow up with four different criminal, alcoholic step-fathers; 14 schools and 17 houses by the time he graduated high school; no sense of structure or safety, and a continual influx of hatred and pain. To survive such an upbringing in itself is a miracle, but when Victor’s own father found redemption and became a Christian, everything changed.

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