HIU Professor to Teach Course at Parkcrest Christian Church

The professors at Hope International University (HIU) do much more than enlighten students in the classroom; they also stay actively involved in the community and find new ways to serve others. To that end, Dr. Steve Richardson, Chair of the Biblical Studies Department and Associate Professor of Biblical Studies at HIU will be the featured speaker for the latest session of Parkcrest Christian Church’s School of Theology class. The previous session was taught by Dr. Joe Grana, who is also an Associate Professor of Biblical Studies at HIU.

Class will begin on Wednesday, February 23, and the theme of Dr. Richardson’s course is entitled “Theology of Ministry,” which is also the name of one of the classes he teaches at HIU. Dr. Richardson’s course will focus on the new covenant relationship between God and believers. Goals for the four-week course include examining the importance of servant leadership, understanding the link between God’s will and our ministry, and discovering what it means to be a part of the "priesthood of all believers."

Drue Boles, Administrative Pastor at Parkcrest, believes that Dr. Richardson’s experience both in and out of the classroom setting will be highly beneficial to course attendees. Boles said that he feels “those in attendance [will] gain greater insight into what it means to be benefactors of our New Covenant relationship with God. We think this knowledge will serve to encourage our people to feel even better about what God has done for us in Christ-and will motivate greater ministry in light of that understanding.”

“Theology of Ministry” will begin at 6:30 p.m. in the Live Venue at Parkcrest Christian Church Heartwell, located at 3936 Woodruff Ave, Long Beach, CA 90808. Click here for more information on Parkcrest’s School of Theology.

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