New Business Professor at HIU Puts the BAM in Business

HIU Board MemberHope International University (HIU) has added a new full-time faculty member, Neal Johnson, Ph.D., J.D., as a Professor of Business and Management. Prior to this, Dr. Johnson was a professor of international business at Bakke Graduate University, where he was also the founding dean of the School of Business.

“Dr. Johnson has extensive experience in studying, practicing and teaching management,” Dr. Woest, Chair of the Business and Management Department at HIU, said. “He also brings an intense personal interest in the personal and professional development of students at all levels.  In our undergraduate and graduate programs, students are [benefiting] from his knowledge of the field, and are already experiencing his passion for helping them to succeed.”

Johnson is putting the bang in business, or rather B.A.M. Business as Mission (BAM) is a philosophy/model that integrates business and ministry goals while examining how Christian mission values can be put to work in the business world. Johnson is passionate about helping students become good businessmen and women and is doing his best to instill in them the value of serving Christ in all they do.

In 2009, Johnson wrote a book containing his thoughts and research on BAM called “Business as Mission: A Comprehensive Guide to Theory and Practice.” In an interview posted on the BAM website from when he previously worked at Bakke Graduate University School of Business, Johnson said he felt it was important to write a book that addressed how to do business as mission. There were plenty of books already published on the concept, Johnson said, but none that gave a step by step guide. Johnson believes his book is practical and that he has “tried to challenge business people to step out.”

Johnson emphasizes the importance of trusting God when heading down the business as mission path. “I want to make it clear that people need to find out where they are,” he said, “and then move ahead incrementally as God leads them, as they are comfortable, rather than trying to suddenly become a BAM Company overnight.”

Business as Mission: A Comprehensive Guide to Theory and Practice is available at IVP,, and all major book retailers.

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