Jay Fitter, HIU Alum, Provides Practical Guidance in Book on Effective Parenting

Jay Fitter (B.A. Psychology ‘85) is a licensed marriage and family therapist and for the past nineteen years, he has counseled with children, adolescents and parents alike, helping them to work through their issues and improve their lives. He has worked in private practice settings, foster care, as well as juvenile detention facilities.

He published a book in 2010 titled, “Respect Your Children: A Practical Guide to Effective Parenting.” The book is meant to be a practical guide to raising children in a positive environment, talks about the difference between discipline versus punishment, and asks the question “are you raising your children by caring for them with love instead of obligation or resentment?”

Fitter’s resolve to help others positively impact their children’s future stems from his difficult childhood including moving countless times, poverty, and a verbally and physically abusive father. Fitter’s elementary school administrators claimed that he would drop out of school and not amount to much. As an adult, Fitter decided that he and his family would have a better life, and he went on to receive a bachelors degree in psychology from HIU and a graduate degree in family studies from APU.

“Respect Your Children” is available for purchase on and www.barnes&

In addition to private practice, Fitter also teaches parenting workshops in churches across the country. He and his wife, Ann, have raised three children.

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Listen to short podcasts with Jay Fitter on “Recipies for Respect” including a variety of relationships including husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, and parent/child. Find out more at or

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