4/28/11 Fullerton, CA - HIUs 'Googie' Architect of the Past, Eldon Davis, Passed Away

The unique architecture of many of Hope International University’s older buildings was designed by Eldon Davis, an influential architect in his time, who coined the style “Googie.” Davis passed away on Friday from spinal meningitis.

Eldon was a California native and designed many buildings throughout California, including the Norms on La Cienega Boulevard in 1957, which has a vaulted roof line resembling a flying wing and an attention-grabbing neon sign. Eldon and his firm’s partner, Louis Armet, were not afraid to make a statement with their designs, and in fact they intentionally designed buildings to draw as much attention as possible. The Norms building was hoped to draw motorists in as they saw the restaurant sign towering above the building. Inspiration for the Googie architecture comes from the Space Age and car culture, and is known for soaring roof lines and structural innovation.

Our warmest regards go out to his family, and we are grateful for the character his designs bring to our University.

Read the full article in the Los Angeles Times here.

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