Study Abroad

Study Abroad Programs

There are hundreds of study abroad programs. Use the online tools below to find one that suits your academic and personal goals. It is important that your study abroad program be approved by HIU so that you can maintain enrollment as a Hope student, utilize Financial Aid, and transfer credits to Hope.

  1. Best Semester
  2. BestSemester programs are off campus study programs offered by the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU), and are good options for Hope students. Many of the programs offer service learning and internship opportunities. BestSemester programs are approved by Hope.

    BestSemester™, a division of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU), proudly offers twelve off-campus and study abroad programs around the world. BestSemester programs are intended to complement and expand the opportunities found on a traditional campus through a comprehensive experiential learning approach.

    Students who participate in a BestSemester program can expect:

    • strong academic experiences with up to 18 hours of credit
    • high degree of engagement with the culture, whether international or domestic
    • dedicated and caring program faculty and staff
    • meaningful regional and/or local excursions
    • opportunities to grapple with real-world issues alongside other students with a diverse background of faith practices and perspectives

    BestSemester Programs

    American Studies Program
    China Studies Program
    India Studies Program
    L.A. Film Studies Center
    Oxford Summer Programme
    Uganda Studies Program
    Australia Studies Centre
    Contemporary Music Center
    Latin American Studies Program
    Middle East Studies Program
    Scholars’ Semester in Oxford
    Washington Journalism Center

  3. Nazareth Evangelical Theological Seminary (Israel)
  4. NETS Brochure

    The NETS study abroad in Israel program is available in a twelve (12) weeks “semester” format to qualifying Biblical Studies and Church Ministry majors or in a 2 to 3 weeks inter-term program for qualifying students of any Hope major.

    If you find another program that you are interested in, speak to your Study Abroad Coordinator to see if the program is approved by the University. If it is not an approved program, you must begin the approval process well in advance of your intended start date.

  5. Dongseo University (Korea)
  6. Dongseo University is our sister university in Busan, Korea. The Global Division of Dongseo offers a wide variety of courses taught in English which are designed to broaden students' perspectives on global issues. Dongseo also offers a Korean language program in which students can take Korean language and culture classes and participate in various cultural experiences.

  7. Keimyung University (Korea)
  8. Keimyung University offers many courses in English for international students as well as extracurricular programs that can help students learn about Korea. Keimyung University is located in Daegu, South Korea.

  9. Myongji University  (Korea)
  10. Myongji University is a vibrant university in the capital city of South Korea. Myongji offers a variety of classes in English for students who are interested in study abroad during their undergraduate and graduate years.

  11. Living & Learning Semester (Ecuador)
  12. The Living & Learning Semester program offers internship, missions, ministry opportunities, and academic courses from a Christian worldview within the context of the challenges of a developing nation.

For other study abroad programs, use the following search tools:

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