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David Timms 

Issue 5.1


Welcome to a new year of "In HOPE." May this be a year of enormous change in each of our lives - changes that deepen our walk with Christ; changes that enrich our family and friends; changes that radically impact the world for Christ as He works through us. 

New Resource

Bare Roots is a FREE new e-resource I am writing with Dr. Chris Davis, an outstanding scholar in biblical studies. Our goal is to provide a one-page resource that combines a deeper analysis of Scripture (The Ancient Word ...) with an application section (...For Today). Bare Roots  is for personal or small group studies, and will follow themes for 4-6 weeks at a time. If you'd like to join this e-community, email [email protected] and indicate "Subscribe to Bare Roots" in the subject line. 

HOPE Happenings

Spring semester starts next week for both undergraduate and graduate programs.

Leading with Purpose

A military officer received this painful evaluation: "His men follow him ... but only out of curiosity."


Such an assessment is hardly flattering. But the same might be said of countless leaders in our culture ... and the church. Without a compelling vision or a deep compassion to motivate those around us, little is left but curiosity. And it's not enough.


Similarly, for Christian leaders, the phrase "Business as usual" is an indictment, not an achievement, unless that business involves leading people intentionally into a deeper walk with Christ. It should be obvious to most seasoned believers that the Church often suffers from a maintenance mentality. Don't upset the apple-cart; don't rattle the cage; if it ain't broke, don't fix it; steady as she goes; hold the line.


Such contentment with what is or what was, is inconsistent with our biblical call to be salt and light. Ever tried to contain or remove salt, once you've added it to the recipe? Ever tried to control where the light goes once you flick on the switch? In a similar way, the privilege of leadership in the Kingdom is about influence not maintenance. Leadership looks ahead not behind. It paints a picture of the future, not the past.


But the crisis of purposeless leadership continues to be pandemic in the Church.


With that in mind, two questions arise.


How are you influencing those around you? As a Christian parent, you're a leader of your children. Many of us are leaders in the workplace or the church. How strategic are you in influencing others? Our failure to be strategic simply minimizes what the Lord might achieve. While we may hope that character can be compelling, our greatest service to others will involve planning and methodical implementation. Without it, maintenance or decline are the default outcomes.


The second question also warrants consideration.


What are you influencing others towards? Leaders, by definition, are guiding people from one point to another. Managers may simply organize what already exists, but leaders are a part of creating a new reality for those around them. What is the new reality you see ahead for those you lead?


Perhaps that new reality is peace and reconciliation, or intoacy with Christ, or service that saves lives, or giving that builds new communities.


As the year gets underway, let's consider "why" anyone would follow our lead, whether it's our children, our neighbors, a small group, a class, a recovery group, a worship ministry, or pastoring. Let's resolve to guide those around us into the best year we've ever experienced together - to the glory of Christ.   



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