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David Timms  

Ministry Resource

Looking for a wonderful way to lead into Communion some time -- or just a beautiful piece of inspiration for yourself? You might like to show the short video clip of One Solitary Life. These familiar words, penned by Dr. James Francis over 80 years ago, still stir the heart. Go to www.simpletruths.com and click on "Inspirational Movies" to find One Solitary Life .

Hope Happenings

On September 19, Hope heard from the  Western Association of Schools and Colleges (our accrediting agency) that they have approved our application to teach a fully online B.S. in Inter-Cultural Studies. In addition, they have also approved our application to teach a fully online M.A. in Christian leadership and ministry. This opens many doors for students around the world for whom residential requirements have been prohibitive.

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"Consider your calling, brethren ...." (1 Corinthians 1:26)

Our Second Calling

Each of us who follows Christ has a double-calling on our lives. The first is the glorious invitation to join the family of God. The second is our particular and special calling to service (ministry). 

Every follower of Christ has the latter calling. Yes, every believer. God does not reserve the second calling for pastors, missionaries, or para-church professionals. He issues a second call to all His children.

Historically, men and women have spoken of "the call to ministry" as something special, over and above other believers. This calling, we're told and they believe, entitles them to ordination, payment, and privileged status in the Body of Christ.

Such distortions of biblical teaching have created and perpetuated the false notion that God only calls some to service. The rest of us fall lower on the Kingdom totem pole, apparently. We have "regular" jobs and on weekends we volunteer to direct parking, fill communion cups, or teach third graders.

However, the second calling -- "the call to ministry" -- belongs to all of us. I might hasten to add that the first call does not depend on our response to this second call. Phew! But the apostles could not have imagined Christ-followers who did not share actively and whole-heartedly in the mission of the Kingdom. 

How should we determine our second calling? It may come in dreams, prophetic words, voices during prayer, or epiphanies but for most of us it emerges from a simple, less spectacular approach.

The Father typically calls us to serve in that place where His gifts, our talents, and our passions intersect. God empowers us supernaturally. He also wires us with talents and natural abilities from birth. And He stirs up passions within us that move our hearts deeply.

When we have neither gifting, ability, nor passion we probably don't have calling. The converse is also true.

The Kingdom has explosive potential as all of us who claim Christ as Lord seriously respond to this second calling. It doesn't require seminary but sensitivity. It doesn't demand obsession but obedience. It builds on the simple not the spectacular. And God calls all of us in such a way.

What's your second calling? May you discern it and step even deeper into it, for the sake of His Kingdom and to His glory.




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