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David Timms  


Prayer for Today

Sovereign Father, Whose reign cannot be thwarted by the petty or violent plans of man, grant me courage when fear confronts me. When fear grips me, pry its fingers loose and flood my heart with faith. When my eyes see only danger, heal them to see You. When fear clouds my mind, clear it with the wind of Your Spirit. May fear give way to trust. Break down the gates of this prison of anxiety within me. Deliver me into the light of Your love, afresh, right now. Amen.

Hope Happenings

The Celebrate Hope Dinner is this Friday, October 17th. Hope International University celebrates 80 years of equipping men and women for effective Christian service all around the world. Our alumni serve as teachers, counsellors, pastors, business owners, missionaries, and countless other roles in their communities, advancing the Kingdom of God. We're grateful for the privilege of this training ministry.

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"Fear is the prison of the heart." - Anonymous 

Fear and Faith

Fear makes the world go round. Our fear of tyrants and terrorists fuels the military machinery. Our fear of economic collapse creates political pressure and personal anxiety. Our fear of abandonment or divorce dominates our waking moments and unspoken conversations. Our fear of death drives us to a brooding paranoia or outright denial.

A palpable feeling of fear laces the air around us. Parents afraid for their children; families afraid for their safety; churches afraid for their survival.

Fear has endless supply. It provokes violence, creates isolation, and diminishes our zest. Every ounce of fear burns up a pound of life. It seems unfair. Anxiety about the "not yet" steals the joy of the "right now." Fear consumes us and leaves nothing but ashes in its wake.

In such a world, our faith in Christ ought to make all the difference. It's not always so.

For those of us attached equally to country, community, church, and Christ, faith loses its power. Only as we return to the Father, willing to release all that we have and hold to Him alone, can we experience the true freedom of faith.

As followers of Jesus, we trust in His provision, His protection, and His promises. If He chooses not to provide or protect, we rest assured in His promise ... of resurrection. We may lose everything we own but we refuse to let fear divide us or seduce us into aggression.

The only way to love our enemies is to no longer fear them, not because we feel stronger or superior, but because there's nothing that they can take that matters and nothing they can do to defeat God's ultimate plan for our lives.

Our trust in Christ -- our faith -- can transform the world, but not while we fret about stock portfolios or speak vindictively against others. As soon as fear gets a foothold, faith gets supplanted. Is our Father really in charge, or not? Is this world really our home, or not?

May we be more deeply rooted and grounded in His love so we need fear no more; that the world may believe.

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