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David Timms


May this Christmas season be meaningful, peaceful, and faith-filled for each of you.

Thanks for receiving "In HOPE" throughout 2009. It's been a joy to share the Journey with you and I look forward to catching up with you again in mid-January 2010.

Grace and peace.

-- David 

Hope Happenings

This past Monday, our VP for Advancement at Hope International University, Mr. David Poole, announced his resignation. Please take a moment to pray for the Lord's clear leading as our President, Dr. Derry, looks to replace him in the new year. 

Other Writing

David Timms, Living the Lord's Prayer (Bethany House, 2008)

David Timms, Sacred Waiting: Waiting on God in a World that Waits for Nothing (Bethany House, 2009)


“There is born to you this day a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.”
~ Luke 2:10


The Mystery

Who would imagine … that the Savior of the world arrive in utter obscurity? That He would never join the elite or the educated? That He would never amass an army or a bankroll? That He would never run for political office or own more than a backpack of clothing? That He would never have a media campaign and would die after less than three years of public service?

It’s a mystery.

Equally mysterious is the reality that God still comes among us in the guise of the poor, the uneducated, the obscure, and the unrenowned. All He seeks is our faith. And while we pursue popularity, fame, recognition, and applause, He looks for those who have no need for such tinsel. And when He finds them, He frequently does the unexpected through them.

It’s a mystery.

And Jesus comes in the form of a baby—helpless, defenseless, and dependent. Why not arrive ready for action? Why not come available to launch the ultimate plan immediately? Years and years would pass before He began “His ministry.” Was the Father in no hurry to redeem the world? Why put the entire strategy at risk by sending a vulnerable baby?

It’s a mystery.

Equally mysterious is God’s timing in our lives. He never seems to share our hurry. Danger and vulnerability don’t seem to influence Him. When we’d like to jump into action and get the job down, His plan invariably looks different and takes longer. When we feel the pressure of time and the urgency of the moment, He doesn’t. And He invites us to let go of our best wisdom and simply trust His.

It’s a mystery.

The Christmas story reminds us of the mystery of God … and calls us to enter it with our own lives; the mystery of His plan and the mystery of His timing. May we do so with increasing faith as we face a new year.

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