Churches in Washington

Hope International University is excited to be involved with churches in the Northwest and integrating our unique educational opportunities with on-going and growing programs. Churches and para-church organization who are providing valuable real-life experience to future church leaders can integrate accredited coursework to enhance their current programs.

Working together with Hope, churches and organizations can implement one or more the educational building blocks listed below:
  • During a 2-year internship, students could earn an AA at Hope International University through our online programs while serving full time at the church. Students commit 12-15 hours a week to their studies while developing practical leadership and ministry skills at their church.
  • Developing leaders can enroll in our bachelor programs to complete a degree in Christian Ministry while using their practical experiences at the church to meet their internship credit requirements. A group of developing leaders can take classes together with an onsite mentor auditing the classes and mentoring the group.
  • Churches can offer individual accredited classes that can be taken for credit at the graduate or undergraduate level. Discounted packages of classes are available for purchase by churches who want to encourage lifetime learners within their congregation to advance their biblical knowledge and leadership skills. An on-site mentor meets weekly with the students during a 5 week course to facilitate discussion and practical application to the life of the church.
  • Active leaders can enroll in Hope's programs to finish an online bachelor degree or earn a M.A. in Ministry while continuing to serve in the church.

How do I get more information?

Schedule a meeting to discuss designing an individualized program that meets the needs and desires of your church or organization. Email us at or call (888) 352-Hope.