Servant Leaders in Action: Education

Outstanding First Year Teacher


Christie Murray (Grimstad, B.A.'98; M.Ed.'05) teaches first grade at Thomas Edison Elementary School in Anaheim, California. She has been teaching since 2002 and earned the prestigious Outstanding First Year Teacher Recognition Award for the 2002-03 school year from the California Association for Employment in Education.

Murray was chosen for the award because of her excellent behavior management skills, along with her ability to communicate with the parents of her students through various parent education nights that she organized during her first year in the classroom. " Hope did an amazing job preparing me for a career in education. The classes gave me not just the head knowledge, but also practical hands-on experience in the classroom. I was nervous my first few weeks of teaching until I realized I really did know what I was doing," says Murray.

"Education is not an easy profession, but it is a rewarding profession," Murray adds. "Everyday I am in a classroom with students who are hurting either physically, mentally, or emotionally. I have the opportunity to show love and acceptance to them that they may not experience elsewhere. I have the opportunity to encourage, love, and allow them to take risks in learning that will affect the rest of their lives."

Before teaching, Murray worked as an editor at Insight for Living and She returned to school in 2000 to earn her teaching credential, then her Master of Education from Hope. She has many fond memories of her educational experiences. "I was an undergrad at Pacific Christian College before receiving my credential and my Master of Education. The faculty is top-notch. They work hard to make sure students learn and become the best they can possibly be," says Murray.