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HIU online offers a variety of 100% online university programs and online college courses. These online classes provide HIU's online college students with the same one-on-one attention expected in a traditional classroom setting. Hope International University online courses deliver students classroom access 24/7 -- serving each student's individual schedule for immediate & convenient access to state-of-the-art online university student resources. Take just a moment to contact us online today?

HIU offers a variety of online academic programs that provide excellent avenues for exploring your abilities while finding your passion. You can contact an HIU Academic Coach -- right now -- for the Business Administration program, Human Development, Teacher Prep, or for Christian Ministry.

All HIU Undergraduate Online Programs

Through Hope International University Online, you can interact with Hope professors, other students and take advantage of state of the art learning resources at the place and time that best fit your own busy schedule. Choose from a variety of undergraduate and masters level courses. For more information attend our online information session.

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Online learning allows you to take courses with Hope from virtually anywhere in the world, any time you have access to the Internet. If you are interested in learning more we welcome you to test drive one of our online courses!

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You can earn classroom credit — or even a bachelor's degree or master's degree — with the same individualized attention, class interaction and academic integrity as students who attend courses on campus. Online courses offer video lectures from professors, "real time" chat, discussion forums and assignment drop boxes to make your learning experience as enjoyable and convenient as possible. It is truly a unique and efficient way to attend class.