Servant Leaders in Action: Ministry & Missions

Hope for the Children


Cristina Suarez Morgenlander (BA '10) has spent the last fifteen years of her life helping others in need. Her effort to help others has been recognized by numerous organizations over the years. In 1992 she received an award from the Red Cross, as well as other awards from academic institutions. One of her greatest achievements was the creation of a non-profit organization called the Cristina Suarez Morgenlander Humanitarian Organization. Her mission is to bring the hope of Christ to those who have no hope.

Morgenlander recognized the need for alternative methods of worship and the need for alternative methods of expression. Her background in dance and art provided her the means to create that alternative for the youth in Orange County. Morgenlander founded the Cristina Suarez Morgenlander Humanitarian Organization, formerly the Cristina Suarez Morgenlander Dance and Art Foundation, in 2002 as a means to use dance and art as a ministry for Christ. The Foundation's mission is to strengthen multicultural and underprivileged children, nurturing them through dance and art, so that they can develop an intimate relationship with God. She created the foundation as a means to provide children with an alternative to gangs, drugs, and violence. Morgenlander teaches ballet, modern dance, jazz and all Latin styles. Her classes are filled with energy, joy, and artistry in a nurturing environment, combined with sensitivity to both the physical and emotional needs of the children.

While the organization began its work with the disadvantaged children of the greater Orange County area, it has since expanded its work to the country of Colombia. Morgenlander was born in Barranquilla, Colombia and raised in Venezuela. After twenty-five years of being away from home, she returned to Colombia and while there, developed a heart for those in extreme poverty and those suffering from AIDS. The organization now makes regular trips to the Atlantic Coast of Colombia to continue the relief efforts. She strives to bring hope to the children and their families, bringing them food and small amounts of donations.

Morgenlander has committed herself to helping children in hopeless situations find hope in the Lord, and she has used the skills and experience that she has acquired to help others in need. Morgenlander's willingness to help others and her desire to make a change in the world makes her an exemplary servant leader.

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