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HIU's Online MBA Program Earns Accolade

Posted: April 20, 2018

[ SOURCE: OnlineMBAToday.com]

Hope International University's College of Business and Management has earned high marks in a recent OnlineMBAToday.com ranking, Top 25 Online MBA Programs in California. HIU’s affordable degrees shine with excellent accreditation and national recognition. Each program was evaluated on the following factors: Estimated Tuition Cost, Accreditation, Average Base Salary, and Prestige.

The Master of Business Administration program at HIU prepares students with advanced management skills in leadership, ethics, analysis, communication, critical thinking, problem solving, research and information technology, environmental economics, financial analysis, and strategy. Business and management disciplines are a launching platform for those seeking the skills to make a positive difference in local, regional, national, and global cultures and societies. Graduates of HIU’s MBA program will have the knowledge and capability necessary for the successful management of organizations.

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