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HIU Presents Annual "Lead Better" Conference for Churches

Posted: February 13, 2015

   Although there seem to be leadership conferences nearly every week across this nation, very few are dedicated to developing church elders, pastors, and staff members as a team. Hope International University’s Lead Better conference does just that, helping church leaders learn how to be strong, cohesive units. Over the past few years, HIU’s Lead Better conference has covered relevant topics such as Healthy Eldership and Leading Through Transition.

   Attendees will benefit by hearing firsthand from Bob Russell as he shares from his 40 years of experience leading Southeast Christian Church. Bob Russell became the pastor of Southeast Christian Church when he was just twenty-two years of age. The congregation started with 120 members and became one of the largest churches in America, with 18,000 people attending the four worship services every weekend in 2006 when Bob retired. Now through Bob Russell Ministries, Bob continues to preach at churches and conferences throughout the United States, provide guidance for church leadership, mentor other ministers, and author Bible study videos for use in small groups.

   This year’s conference is scheduled for Saturday, March 7th from 9:00am-2:30pm on HIU’s Fullerton campus. Early bird registration is open now through February 25 for only $35 per person, and each church that registers four members will get a fifth person registered for free. After February 25, tickets can be purchased for $40 per person. To register your group and purchase your tickets, click here