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Value Colleges Names HIU a "Top 50 Best Value Online Master's in Management Programs 2015"

Posted: August 17, 2015


For working adults with a college degree – in one of the sciences, for instance, or the humanities – the lack of a business degree can be a real impediment to moving up in the corporate world. Sure, an English major can get an entry-level job in business, even work into a lower management position with good performance, but those higher-order positions will always be out of reach. You could go back and get a bachelor’s in business, but you’ve already done undergrad: you want to go forward, not backward.

That’s the impetus for the Master in Management degree, a relatively new degree that colleges and universities are beginning to offer to close the gap between a non-business bachelor’s and a business master’s. Most of these degrees (usually Master of Science, but some Master of Arts) are available to undergraduate degree holders regardless of major, and many require no work experience, though some prefer to accept students who are already working in some management capacity. Management master’s degrees are focused entirely on principles of management, leadership, and organization, preparing students for the higher responsibilities and people skills needed for upper-division management careers; unlike an MBA, students don’t need economics, statistics, and high-level mathematics, which may be a comfort to those whose skills are more interpersonal than technical.

As a new degree, the field is still somewhat in flux, and not fully defined. Because of that state, it can be hard to tell if a school’s offerings are totally legitimate: are you going to get what you’re paying for? That becomes even more true of online degrees, which are still coming out of their Wild West days into respectability and reputability. Value Colleges leads students to online degree programs from trustworthy, accredited schools, from large public research universities, small, private Christian colleges, fully-online institutions, and everything in between.

To build our list, we begin with accredited colleges and universities offering online Management degrees and consider three ranking factors:

These criteria help us determine the schools that offer students the best ratio between affordability, reputation, and return on investment to find those programs most likely to leave students with a sound value.

#34 - Hope International University, a small private university in Fullerton, CA, is a professed evangelical Christian institution designed to educate students for Christian service in business, education, and the social sciences. With their sharp focus, prospective students looking for a convenient, affordable Master of Science in Management degree, Hope may be the place for you. HIU’s emphasis is on ethical leadership and Christian service in the business world, with concentrations in Non-Profit Management, Marketing Management, and International Development. A mid-range tuition of $690 per credit will leave students with a manageable debt and make Hope International a values-centered college value.

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