University News

Jesus Walk(s) on Fullerton Campus

Posted: July 21, 2017

HIU welcomes over 100 youth and young adults for the 2017 Jesus Walk Youth Conference (JWYC), "Breathe." This annual 4-day event is designed to help participants see the unlimited potential they have in Christ.

Attendees are immersed in a dynamic program that includes moving worship, engaging messages, community service, and extensive mentoring by small group interaction. This year’s JWYC leaders include alumni Joseph Valenzuela (BA ’14), Program Director, and Marisol Babcock (BA ’12) Executive Vice President of Programs.

“Our vision is that every student breaks from their worldly chains to become who God has designed them to be—each in their own way a disciple furthering His Kingdom. We give our students a clear picture of how to move beyond the conference—influenced and driven by the Gospel to continually live in His example.”