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College of Education unveils new "Smart Classroom"

Posted: August 23, 2017

The College of Education proudly unveiled their high-tech “Smart Classroom” to better prepare future educators for the classrooms of the future; all made possible by generous donors. In this new facility, students and professors can utilize an interactive projector that enables them to interface with a giant whiteboard and multiple handheld devices, and utilize screen-share and screen-saving capabilities.

“We wanted to create a classroom in which our students and professors were using the most up-to-date technology – preparing them for what they may be using in their school classrooms when begin teaching in two to three years” explains Dean of HIU’s College of Education, Dr. Doug Domene.

This classroom also features an accent wall displaying this inspiring quote: “A great teacher inspires hope, ignites the imagination, and instills a love for learning.”

“Donors contributed $11,500 to fund this project,” reports Domene. “We’re very excited to be able to provide the latest tools for our future educators, and we’re so grateful to everyone who gave to make it possible.”