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Out of the Classroom and into the "Living Room"

Posted: March 13, 2019

In 2009, Living Room Ministries International (LRMI) was established to address the many injustices that remain for those living with life-threatening illnesses in Kenya. Guided by the belief that every person is created in the image of God, Living Room’s work is much more than simply treating a disease. They are caring for a person holistically. Race, tribe, religion, educational level and the ability to pay do not do not determine a person’s value and thus, do not interfere with the care provided by the Living Room team. Their goal is to achieve the best quality of life for individuals and families facing advanced disease.

Dr. Brian Albright, Adjunct Professor for the College of Business and Management, was drawn to work with LRMI by the partnership of the Kenyan and American leadership and their vision to care for people. “It was the opportunity to use my business skills to be a part of creating something that could be financially sustainable for the long-term while continuing to help people.”

Albright joined Living Room Ministries as a board member in 2010 and served a 6-year term. His desire to do business that accomplishes God’s holistic mission continually grew, and when his wife and children said that they would be willing to move back to Africa, that was the green light. Albright has been serving as the Director of Business Development in Kenya since 2017.

“My main motivation is seeing people having jobs that are meaningful, being able to provide for their families’ needs, and participating in innovative, creative, and productive work. This is what I see as being made in the image of God,” shares Professor Albright.

The latest project he is spearheading is the opening of a new hospice building. Albright and the other leadership will be hiring about 40 hospice employees: nurses, care givers, cleaners, cooks, front office staff, chaplain, and social workers. LRMI received over 6,000 applications from all over Kenya for these positions. One of their main goals in this venture is to be a source of employment to bolster the economic development in Kenya.

“When God was finished with creation, he looked back and said “it was good.” I want all 100+ of our employees at the end of the day to look back at what they did that day and say “it was good!”