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Psych Prof Publishes Book on Difficult Emotions

Posted: January 19, 2021



HIU Associate Professor of Psychology and Counseling, Dr. Peace Amadi, recently announced the release date (March 25, 2021) for her latest book entitled, Why Do I Feel Like This? Understand Your Difficult Emotions and Find Grace to Move Through. In this book, Dr. Amadi openly shares her heart, soul, and stories, believing the process would not only bring healing to herself, but help to heal others as well.


“My hope and prayer for you as you move through these pages is that God would fill you with grace, compassion, and understanding. Most of you are great at doing this for others, but I’m asking that you do this for yourself. For the record, if you’re struggling with hurt, heartbreak, discouragement or any of the other emotions covered in this book, I don’t wish that you stay where you are. I don’t wish you endless weeks of pain and frustration. I wish you health. I wish you joy. I wish you freedom. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned as a mental health professional, it’s that you can’t hate yourself into healing. You have to love yourself right on through it. If God himself, perfect as he is, can love us in the middle of it all, who the heck are we not to.”

—Adapted from the introduction, “It’s Who We Are”


In addition to teaching at HIU, Dr. Amadi is a speaker, children's book author, content creator, and host. She uses her various platforms to bridge the gap between mental health and faith for the purposes of engaging a deeper healing journey. As a woman of Nigerian descent, she often reflects on how the healing process is affected by culture and family.


// To preview/pre-order Dr. Amadi’s book, click here.