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Doug Crozier Honored for Exemplifying the "Spirit of Hope"

Posted: November 16, 2021

Doug Crozierfounding Chief Executive Officer at The Solomon Foundation, was bestowed HIU's highest honor, The Spirit of Hope Award, in recognition and gratitude for his ongoing commitment to Hope International University's mission of preparing servant leaders. HIU President Paul Alexander, Ph.D., presented the award during the 2021 Spirit of Hope Concert & Awards Gala in late October.

Crozier has been a friend of Hope International University for many years through his exemplary leadership with the The Solomon Foundation as well as Church Development Fund. Doug's leadership at both The Solomon Foundation and Church Development Fund was influential in securing vital and critical financing for Hope International University. He has helped many Christian ministries grow their financial assets as well, not for the sake of building wealth, but for the sake of building God’s kingdom. Over the course of the past ten years, he and his team at The Solomon Foundation have helped expand the ministries of more than 400 churches and other ministries. 

Ask Doug about his priorities and he will simply tell you, “Kingdom first, family second, and then business.”  His entrepreneurial spirit and devotion to the Restoration Movement Christian Church, have built a record that exemplifies his desire to further the Kingdom of God.

The Solomon Foundation (TSF), based in Parker, Colorado is the fastest growing church extension fund in American history. Doug has built a great team to carry out the ministry work of TSF, earning the trust of more than 7,000 investors and growing total assets in excess of $870 million, making TSF the 4th largest fund in America. During the past decade, TSF has helped expand the ministry of more than 400 church and para-church organizations.

Prior to his service with TSF, Doug served in significant roles within various financial and real estate institutions, most recently at Church Development Fund in Irvine, CA. Under Doug’s leadership, CDF experienced explosive growth from $80 million in total assets to more than $675 million. In 2005, he led the efforts of the Denominational Investors and Lenders Association (DILA) to revamp the regulatory requirements of Church Extension Funds with the State Securities Regulators.

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