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HIU's College of Psychology & Counseling Inherits the Francine Shapiro Library

Posted: July 20, 2022

The Francine Shapiro Library (FSL) has a new home at Hope International University. Since 2014, the FSL has been under the faithful care of EMDR International Association. In May 2022, the FSL transitioned to Hope International University, where the work will continue in terms of data collection, data verification, and web development. 

Created by Dr. Barbara Hensley, the Francine Shapiro Library is dedicated to Francine Shapiro, originator and developer of the Adaptive Information Processing Model (AIP), Eye Movement Desensitization (EMDR), and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. The purpose of this Library is to provide information for clinicians, researchers, and lay people on the effectiveness of EMDR therapy for a wide range of mental health issues. The Francine Shapiro Library (FSL) is the compendium of scholarly articles and other important writings related to the AIP and EMDR therapy.


Click here to access the Francine Shapiro Library.