Press Releases

Posted: September 8, 2015

HIU kicked off the 2015-16 academic year by breaking a pair of enrollment records, delighting the University’s leadership and staff.  Traditional, undergraduate enrollment on the University’s Main Campus in Fullerton topped the 500-student mark, totaling 535.  The enrollment includes 208 new students; this is the first time HIU’s new student population surpassed the 200-student mark. These record numbers will increase later this month when an additional 100 students arrive from Dongseo University, our sister school in Busan, South Korea.

“We are pleased with our enrollment increase, because this represents something far greater than mere numbers,” said Dr. John Derry, University President.  “Each student who enrolls at HIU is someone who has the potential to change lives and become Hope.”

Overall enrollment numbers – inclusive of all undergraduate, graduate, and online students -- will be finalized and released in early October, and HIU administrators anticipate more good news.  Final totals will include students from our campuses in Fullerton, Anaheim, and Everett (Washington).