Press Releases

Posted: February 19, 2021

After 40 years in Christian Higher Education, all at HIU, Dr. Steve Edgington (BA ’77) has been named our new Vice President of Academic Affairs. Dr. Edgington served as Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences since 2011 and Professor since 1980. He succeeds Dr. Jim Woest, who came out of retirement to serve as Chief Academic Officer and led the University Assessment Committee.

“I am pleased that Dr. Steve Edgington will be assuming the role of Vice President for Academic Affairs,” states HIU President, Dr. Paul H. Alexander. “Dr. Edgington has provided superb leadership to the College of Arts and Sciences since its inception in 2011. He will continue to lead that college while also overseeing the areas under the VPAA: Deans Council, Library, Registrar, Department of Learning Technology, Institutional Research, and the Academic Committee. He will be assisted by a very capable support staff and teams that know and trust him. Steve is going to do an excellent job.”

In his early days as a Professor, Dr. Edgington also served as the Head Coach for the Women’s Softball team (1990-2001), winning a NCCAA National Championship. He was awarded the Faculty Excellence Award in 2002, and has led annual fieldtrips to Northern California for the “California History and Government” course. Prior to HIU, Edgington was employed as a researcher/interviewer for the California Government History Documentation Project at Cal State Fullerton and UCLA.

“I have actively experienced the HIU academic program for 40 years, first as teaching faculty in history, then as social science department chair, then as Dean and VP for Academic Affairs before the academic restructuring of the University in 2011, when I became Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences,” shares Dr. Edgington. “What I have seen firsthand during that time is that HIU faculty have always been extraordinarily committed to student learning and success. I have especially valued and appreciated HIU’s relentless dedication to “do it better” – to improve instruction, student learning, faith and learning connections, curriculum, and academic programs.

“It has been gratifying to see the steady expansion and improvement of HIU’s academic programs over several decades now and, alongside HIU’s college deans and faculty, I’m dedicated ensuring that the growth and effectiveness of our academic programs continue.”

Dr. Edgington earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Science from Pacific Christian College (HIU), a Master of Arts degree in Social Science from Cal State University Fullerton, and a Ph.D. in History from UCLA.  He and his wife, Teresa, now live in Anaheim. They have two grown daughters, who also attended Hope International University.