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Posted: May 11, 2023

Friends, family, and faculty gathered in the HIU Pacific Auditorium to support the first DMFT cohort in the presentation of their dissertation proposals. Dr. Susan Hastings delivered the opening address. The first ever cohort of HIU doctoral students, led by Dr. Jacqueline Mack-Harris then presented their research proposals. 

The evening was a great success and reflected a breadth of scholarship that will have significant impact on the field of marriage and family therapy. In attendance, DMFT faculty including, Dr. Brian Luhmann, Dr. George Garcia, and Dr. Robin Felix, as well as other HIU faculty and staff. Below is a list of presentations. 

Dissertation Proposals

  • Improving the Definition of Sexual Grooming - Kinda Alskaf 
  • Gang Affiliation and Wellbeing - Mayra Angeles
  • The Effects of Interpersonal Trauma on the Parent-child Attachment - Jasmine Cazares
  • A Phenomenological Study on Adult First-Generation Latinx Immigrants - Jessica Edwards
  • Correlation Between Parental Attachment Style and Parental Meta-Emotion Philosophy - Matthew Hiem
  • The Trauma Between Us: An Analysis on The Impact of Intergenerational Trauma on African American Heterosexual Relationships - Meghan E. Shamburger  
  • Change In Response - Johnathan Sanchez
  • Trauma, Community Violence and Religious Coping - Yvette Thomas
  • Be Well - Danielle Sherman
  • Intergenerational Trauma and the Lived family Experiences in the Lebanese Culture - Reema M. Takla
  • Mental Health and Missionaries, Retreat + Program Development for Missionaries Living in Host Countries -Teressa L. Wilcox

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