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Posted: October 15, 2013

President Dr. John Derry often tells the story of Hope International University's enduring dedication to growth and servitude.  He believes the essence of the University's mission is to ignite a spark of hope, leading students toward their callings to serve the community, the nation, and the world.  In keeping with that legacy, at the 2013 Spirit of Hope Gala, Dr. Derry announced the kick-off of the Ignite Hope campaign, a five-year, $15 million campaign.  He highlighted the many ways HIU alumni serve their communities and the world and reaffirmed Hope's commitment to educating the next generation of servant leaders, emphasizing the need for the Ignite Hope campaign in fulfilling that commitment.

'With each new academic year, I feel a renewed excitement regarding the levels of accomplishment and development that are within our reach,' said Derry.  'We are preparing students to serve in areas of ministry and skill that were beyond imagination only a few years ago.  The world needs the kind of alumni we produce like never before, and this campaign positions us to meet that need.'

The campaign was sparked to life with two significant contributions.  Kent Anderson, an elder of Morningstar Christian Church, has made a generous $1.5 million gift, which includes the establishment of a $1 million endowment fund to support the faculty and programs for Pacific Christian College of Ministry & Biblical Studies. This donation is the third largest ever received by the University.  First Christian Church of Huntington Beach has made the lead church gift by generously contributing $100,000.

'The needs of our students and campus will always be greater than our budget, as is the case in almost all higher education institutions, and that's why a Capital Campaign is necessary,'  said Michael Mulryan, Vice President for Institutional Advancement.  'We are deeply appreciative of Kent Anderson and our friends at First Christian Church, Huntington Beach, who are responding to the Campaign with higher-intensity giving while inspiring others to do the same.' 

Mulryan explained that University administrators and the Board of Trustees approach the growth and development of Hope International University by measuring their dreams, plans, and strategies against HIU's mission.  Every decision to develop a new program, restore a building, or form a partnership is filtered through this question:  'How does this help empower our students to serve the Church and impact the world for Christ?'  Higher education, methodology, and students may not look like they did eight decades ago when the institution was founded, but HIU's mission looks exactly the same.

'The impact that our future alumni will make is dependent on their access to the Hope experience, which costs money,' Mulryan said. 

The Ignite Hope campaign focuses on three crucial categories of need:  preservation/enhancement/ infrastructure; scholarships; and program development.


Preservation, Enhancement, and Infrastructure $5,000,000

Hope International University will remain on its current, historic campus, and good stewardship demands that we take steps to maximize its potential.  The campus is home to some of the most striking post-modern architecture in the region. Renovation of the campus will preserve the historic and unique Googie architecture that characterizes our Fullerton campus.  The restoration of the theater is a priority project, along with enhancements to classrooms and the library.  The theater is the centerpiece of the front entrance to the campus and this architectural treasure must be preserved, while it is upgraded to offer the state-of-the-art technology that is expected in a performing arts facility.  Upgraded technology is equally important in the Hugh and Hazel Darling Library and the University's classrooms.  Our students' academic experiences must equip them to serve in a world where state-of-the-art technology is not just desired, but expected. 


Scholarships $6,500,000

HIU's mission is centered in the lives of our students, so the most significant portion of the campaign is intended for scholarship support.  The University offers about $4.5 million in institutional aid, and about 90% of our students must receive financial aid in order to attend HIU.  Though the HIU experience is one of the most affordable in private higher education, it is rare that students and parents are able to cover the entire cost without financial assistance.  The students who enter HIU today have the potential to excel in careers and ministries that have not yet been imagined, but not without scholarship resources.


Program Development & Endowment Growth  $3,500,000

Just as the University's ability to provide scholarship resources is crucial, so is our ability to implement relevant programs that will prepare and equip our students.  As new technologies and market needs emerge, institutions of higher education must create, develop, and adapt.  The Hope International University brand represents the integration of the Christian faith with intellect, competence, and service.  That brand relies upon HIU's responsiveness in offering the programming that will educate leaders who are prepared to meet challenges with creative and ethical solutions across a broad spectrum of endeavors.


A gift to the Ignite Hope campaign not only represents an investment in the students of Hope International University, but also an investment in every life that our students' lives will touch -- in Orange County, throughout the nation, and the world.   For more information regarding the Ignite Hope campaign or to talk about your involvement, please contact Michael Mulryan at [email protected].   


Hope International University is a regionally ranked private Christian university in Southern California offering undergraduate, online, and graduate programs. Founded in 1928, HIU integrates faith, service and learning. Through undergraduate, graduate, and online degree programs with faculty and staff dedicated to student success, HIU students experience a transformative educational experience and are prepared to make an impact with their lives. Our diverse student body represents 44 states and 13 countries around the world.

To learn more, please visit the Hope International University website at or contact Katie Gladding, Director of Marketing, at 714.879.3901, x-2692.