Worship With a Global Impact

Name: Yeon-Hee Ju

Current Status: Alumni

Graduation Year: 2006

Yeon-Hee Ju (MCM, ’06) has used her musical and leadership gifts to make a significant impact in the Korean church. After graduating from Hope’s Master of Church Music program, she was hired as the Music Director at Mokpo Sa-Rang Community Church in Korea where she now oversees two choirs, three worship teams, and the traditional music team, the Koom male choir and one women’s choir. Ju relies on her gifts and the knowledge she acquired from Hope to make a lasting impact in the Mokpo community.

Ju also teaches music at the local public middle school where she was named “Excellent Teacher” in her region by the education department. Her love for music and her passion to help those around her has given her the inspiration to become one of Korea’s most inspirational Christian leaders.

Yeon-Hee Ju

MCM 2006