A Servant's Heart

Name: Arty VanGeloof

Current Status: Alumni

Graduation Year: 1982

Arty VanGeloof (BA '82) is recognized for his work as a Family Pastor at Eastside Christian Church in Fullerton, CA. However, his title only hints at the scope of his influence for God's Kingdom. He has been instrumental in beginning formal ministry efforts to the poor in Placentia and Fullerton, as well as significant missions work in Kenya, Africa and Rosarito, Mexico.

VanGeloof has started many projects and ministries while working with Eastside Christian Church. One of those projects was a ministry to the homeless in Fullerton called "Life Support," which is now the Hispanic Ministry at Eastside. He also worked with the Turkana tribe in Kenya digging "sand point" wells and providing medical relief. Kenya was not the only project of VanGeloof's that extended beyond the borders of the United States. His ministry has also reached into Mexico with projects such as building a new orphanage facility in Rosarito called "City of Refuge."

VanGeloof's tireless work to assist in the day-to-day physical and spiritual needs of people in Fullerton and around the world illustrates his commitment to helping others. VanGeloof's influence has inspired hundreds of others who now work in ministry themselves. Arty VanGeloof has dedicated his life to serving those in need.

Arty VanGeloof

BA 1982