Called to Invest in The Postmodern Subculture

Name: Ian DiOrio

Current Status: Alumni

Graduation Year: 2005

Ian DiOrio (B.A. 05) is known for his ability to reach today’s generation of young adults by preaching God’s word in a unique and compelling manner. He serves as the key leader of Eastside Christian Church’s thriving young adult ministry, Eastside AfterHours, and is guided by his conviction that God has called him to invest in “our postmodern subculture, sharing the love and grace of Jesus with those who are hurting and searching.”

DiOrio graduated in 2005 from HIU with a degree in Biblical Studies. One of his professors, Dr. Richardson, Associate Professor of Biblical Studies, says about Ian, “Ian DiOrio was the kind of student that makes teaching rewarding. He understood the issues at hand, but was also quick to identify the many implications of those issues. He came to each session armed with well-articulated questions. He knew he had permission to disagree with his instructors for the sake of investigation and learning, but he also did so with the graciousness characteristic of his gentle nature. Give me a class full of Ians every semester!”

Ian absolutely loved his time at HIU, “At Hope I learned both the critical thinking skills that one needs to survive in a world as diverse and complicated as ours. As well, the Professors were instrumental in my understanding of ministry and theology as living expressions of the God we worship. My practical ministry courses help me navigate the tricky relational dynamics that come with working in ministry. Overall, my education at Hope has given me all I need to be effective in my life and ministry.” While still a student, Ian was given opportunities to preach in churches and he is grateful for the real life experiences given to him. He did an internship at Adventure Christian Church in northern California.

After he graduated, DiOrio spent two years at Diamond Canyon Christian Church in Diamond Bar, California, as the part-time college pastor. He then served at RockHarbor Church in Costa Mesa, California, for two years as the associate teaching pastor. He has been at Eastside for over two years. What Ian loves about pastoral ministry is the people he gets to work with. He loves that college students are full of zeal and hope, and their desire to follow after God serves as an inspiration to him. He loves to share scripture with them and see their minds open up to all God has for them. Ian describes his profession – and everything about his life – as participating in God’s action in the world. DiOrio is also an adjunct professor of Bible and Ministry at HIU.

Ian strongly encourages a student considering HIU to “sign up! The faculty and the people at Hope make your college experience relational and transformational. At so many colleges you are just a number in a class. At Hope, you are a person, with a name and a story. Hope is a place that you will engage in critical thinking and practical training, both of which will ensure you will be successful in your professional life.”

When he’s not hanging out with young adults with the AfterHours ministry, DiOrio can be found spending time at the park or SeaWorld with his growing family – wife Julia (Grana), and three beautiful adopted children, Semeia, Asha, and Zion. The DiOrio’s also enjoy spending time with their extended family.

Ian DiOrio

"The faculty and the people at Hope make your college experience relational and transformational."