Preaching For a New Generation

Name: Jeremy Jernigan

Current Status: Alumni

Jeremy Jernigan (BA ’06) has initiated a new method for reaching the generations of youth and young adults immersed in the postmodern culture. Electrifying rock music, heavy fog machines, pulsing strobe lights, and jean-laden pastors are blended with sound scriptural teachings to create an atmosphere where people who are spiritually desensitized by traditional forms of worship can come to encounter or reconnect with Christ. Jernigan leads this innovative service called “Third Format,” which is an alternative service offered by Central Christian Church of the East Valley in Mesa, Arizona.

Jernigan, the son of Central Christian Church’s Senior Pastor, Cal Jernigan, took a role in the church’s youth ministry department shortly after graduating from Hope with a Bachelor’s degree in Church Ministry and an emphasis in preaching. After gaining valuable experience in the field of young adult ministry, Jernigan had a vision for what Central’s worship service could be. He was given the role of preacher and leader of the young adult worship service and began to enact his vision of a high-energy service that is relevant to the postmodern culture.

Attendance for the Saturday and Sunday night services now runs over 500 and continues to grow under Jernigan’s pastoral leadership. He is a leading example for an emerging generation of church pastors and ministers across the nation. For more information on Third Format and Jeremy Jernigan click here.

Jeremy Jernigan

BA 2006