An Exemplary Work

Name: Joni and Nangsar Morse

Current Status: Alumni

Graduation Year: 1983; 1982

Joni (MA '83) and Nangsar (AA '82) Morse have been based in Chaing Mai in northern Thailand since 1975. 

Joni and his wife, Nangsar, decided to use northern Thailand as their new base of operations for working among the tribal peoples of Southeastern Asia. The fact that both speak seven languages proved to be an immense aid for their diverse work among tribal groups. Recently, a director of a major mission organization reported that he had spent time with Joni and Nangsar and after surveying the work of their mission endeavors, concluded that their work was "the most exemplary Mission work he had ever seen."

The Morse's primary ministry thrust is focused on the training and sending of nationals as church planting teams among the Tibeto-Burman language groups. The teams trained and equipped through the efforts of the Morse family are currently engaged in establishing churches among forty different people groups who live within an area that stretches from Tibet to Thailand and from northeast India to southwest China.

What Joni and Nangsar now call "The EDEN Strategy" attempts to concentrate their efforts on four ministry priorities. These core priorities: Evangelism, Development, Education and Nurture have grown out of the necessity and recognition that ministry must be to the whole person.

Hope faculty member, Gene Sonnenberg, recently visited mountain villages where displaced people have been resettled, orphanages and schools have been built, water projects have been provided, and where hundreds of churches have been planted and Christian education centers have been built. In addition Joni has completed a translation of the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs recently published by the United Bible Society for the Naga people. He has completed hymnals for the Naga and Ruang peoples as well.

Hope is proud of Joni and Nangsar Morse. They are faithful laborers in impacting the world for Christ. (Their son Anthony, received his BA from Hope in 2002).

Joni and Nangsar Morse

MA 1983; AA 1982