Harvest Heralds Serving East Africa

Name: Larry and Judy Niemeyer

Current Status: Alumni

Graduation Year: 1964; 1970

Over 35 years ago, Larry (BA '64) and Judy (BA '70) Niemeyer began their missionary service. Two years in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) ended unfortunately and they returned to the US in 1969. Disheartened from this experience, were inspired by Dr. Donald McGavran, founder of the Church Growth Movement, to return to East Africa.

After serving in Zambia in the 1970's, they developed a new mission called Harvest Heralds, Inc. and eventually settled in Nairobi, Kenya, in 1982. Their mission statement is "Making Disciples while Serving Others." Today they spend 95% of their time in discipleship training and 5% in service work. Their discipleship goals for 2004 are to have 4360 new disciples, 1000 new disciplers, 65 new teams, and 12 new churches. Their services this year have been to The Fellowship of Christian Churches (Kenya), The Fellowship of Churches of Christ (Zambia), The National Christian Churches of Africa (Uganda), Harvest Institute, Harvest Books, Lifespring Chapel, The Finnish International Development Agency, Mission: Moving Mountains and Global University. Larry has written several books that have been translated into many languages that are used by the teams that disciple new converts for Christ.

The Niemeyers have been helping interns from various churches and Hope. One young lady, Krystle Longmire, from Chandler, Arizona and Hope, spent 7 months with Harvest Heralds, Inc. working with a local church.

Larry and Judy Niemeyer

BA 1964; BA 1970