Pastor and Alumnus Presents 17 Old Testament Nobodies Worth Knowing

Posted: September 1, 2013

Adam and Eve, David and Goliath, Moses, and Noah are some of the more commonly known Biblical characters. But Dane Davis (BA ’96; MA ’97) is on a mission to introduce readers to Biblical characters like Huldah, Gehazi and Shiphrah who are much less recognizable.

Davis’ book, Holy Huldah! Lessons You Should Never Forget From Bible Characters You've Never Heard Of, details the stories of seventeen obscure Old Testament characters. These men and women may be heroes or villains but Davis believes they can help readers discover valuable Biblical lessons.

“This book is written with everyday Christian adults in mind,” Davis said. “Students? Yes.  Church members? Yes. Church leaders? Yes. The fact is, it is far too easy to allow our Bibles to gather dust on our desks or nightstands.  There is so much meat in the Scriptures that we have only begun to chew on and digest.  We all need to dig into God's word and boldly go where we have been hesitant to go before.”

Available now on, Holy Huldah! will be officially released in select Barnes & Noble and other bookstores on October 15th.

Davis is also visiting churches throughout Southern California this Fall to speak about Holy Huldah! In addition, he has designed a 10-week Bible study that coincides with the book’s 10 chapters and is planning to do book signings at select Barnes & Noble stores as well as other retailers.

 “Pulling these ‘nobodies’ to the foreground and examining their lives has been helpful to the congregation I pastor and to me,” Davis said, “and I am convinced that it will be helpful to those who read this book as well.”

The Lead Pastor at First Christian Church in Victorville, CA, Davis lives in Apple Valley, CA with his wife and their four daughters. Holy Huldah! is his first book.