Does Sexual Purity Still Matter in the Church?

Posted: May 5, 2017

HIU’s Director of Campus Ministries, Bryan Sands (BA ‘01), recently released his first book, Everyone Loves Sex So Why Wait? – A Discussion in Sexual Faithfulness. Interest in the book landed Sands a front page article in Outreach Magazine, “Does Sexual Purity Still Matter in the Church?” In this article he asks (and answers) several poignant questions, such as: “What are we to do as the church?” and “What do we really mean by ‘purity’?”

In the article, Bryan defines and defends his book's title. “I have chosen to use the term sexual faithfulness because it communicates that anyone, whether married or single, can commit to being sexually faithful at any age or stage.”

Click here to read Bryan’s full article in Outreach Magazine.