Aiding African Children of AIDS

Posted: December 22, 2020


Former HIU Professor, Dr. Stanley Mutunga, is recently featured in recent article on, a website dedicated to sharing “Good News of What Nonprofits Around the World Are Doing.” Dr. Mutunga, native of Kenya, founded Tumaini International, an organization that intentionally assists AIDS-affected children by helping to place them into loving, nurturing, and protecting family environments in a program of Extended Family Care.

“Our model is to place children in the loving care of responsible relatives: grandparents, aunts, uncles, or caring neighbors; and we partner with these guardians to assist them in meeting the family’s basic needs. The children are then able to grow up in a loving home and retain the values of family and community.”

Stanley and his wife, Rose, along with their three boys started Tumaini International in response to a growing need in their native country of Kenya of responding to orphaned children due to the AIDS epidemic. At the time, AIDS took nearly 700 people a day. Stanely and Rose began by assisting 15 orphans, and within a few years, they were supporting hundreds of children through Tumaini.

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