HIU MBA Students Achieve Top Global Honors

Posted: January 15, 2021

Each year, students enrolled in Hope International University’s MBA program have the opportunity to participate in GLO-BUS, a global online interactive business strategy simulation. In December, three teams of HIU students ranked in the top 25, including the top overall team!

In this simulation, students are given information and must respond with strategic decisions based on that information. The simulation then gives new data based on previous student decisions on which students make more strategic decisions.  This cycle repeats itself over the 8 weeks of the course.  

Hundreds of schools and thousands of students participate in the online simulation.  To be ranked at the top is a remarkable accomplishment.  

“These results reflect the quality of the entire HIU MBA program, since success in the simulation involves applying skillsets students acquire from all of their MBA courses,” states Dr. Kevin Hill, Adjunct Associate Professor of Business and Management. “The success of these students is a tribute to the overall strength of the program.” 

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