Meet Our New Dean of the College of Business & Management

Posted: February 19, 2021

Hope International University’s own Lydia Knopf, Ph.D, has been promoted to Dean of the College of Business & Management (CBM). Dr. Knopf joined the HIU faculty in 2017 and quickly took on other academic responsibilities, including becoming the Chair for MBA/MSM Programs and Traditional Undergraduate Students.

“I am honored and excited to serve, manage, and lead as Dean of College of Business and Management (CBM),” states Knopf. “HIU is a treasure I am eager to share, and the CBM is a gem I am called and privileged to steward. A decade ago, I prayed fervently for a convergence of my God-given talents, gifts, and personality, plus my character, education, work experience, and acquired skills to fully come together. As Dean, I am committed to offer vision, innovation, care, guidance, proactivity, scholarship, stewardship, and enthusiasm to our College, and continue the legacy of stellar student and mission driven emphases.”

With a keen ability to set and achieve visionary goals that align with the University's strategic direction, Dr. Knopf and her colleagues plan to expand the CBM’s programs and initiatives and elevate its global reputation. Below are six strategic CBM frameworks for marketplace ministry:

  1. Focus our efforts on where we can have the greatest Kingdom impact on organizations and markets.
  2. Invest in deep and meaningful connections with our students, colleagues, and alumni to enjoy a lifelong learning community.
  3. Develop exceptional human and organizational talent to meet the challenges and needs of business today while at the same time be strategically prepared and postured to meet new expectations for the future.
  4. Emphasize faith integration and servant leadership in both teaching and community outreach as we share our expertise, knowledge, practical business application, and services with communities and organizations regionally, nationally, and globally.
  5. Be faithful stewards of people and resources; cultivate a culture of honor, dignity, grace, love, truth, and respect as well as be prudent in decision making.
  6. Foster a welcoming community in which God’s diverse creation matters and is celebrated and enjoyed.

“Dr. Knopf has been a champion for our students, their learning and academic success, and also for their growth as persons and as people of faith,” says newly-appointed Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Steve Edgington. “Dr. Knopf brings high energy and vision to her role as Dean, along with an entrepreneurial spirit and academic interest and expertise in entrepreneurship. She is also focused on networking with Southern California businesses and expanding opportunities for student internships and employment. We are blessed to have her leading the College of Business and Management.”