2020-21 Servant-Leader Awardees Announced

Posted: May 13, 2021

Each year the Medford Jones Servant-Leader Award is given in his honor to students of Hope International University in 1) the on-campus undergraduate program, 2) in the online undergraduate program, and 3) in the graduate program of the university. Dr. Medford Jones, former president (1969-1980) and professor here at the university, was a lifelong champion of Biblical “servant-leadership”.

Quaified Candidates must...

  1. Exhibit Exemplary Christian Character
  2. Demonstrate Exceptional service in the church and/or in the community.
  3. Demonstrate leadership ability in their area of service.
  4. Model the principle of the “Priesthood of All Believers” – taking up responsibility for the success of the church and its mission.


2021 recipients of the Medford Jones Servant-Leader Award:

Undergraduate On Campus: Katelyn Shields (PCCMBS)

Katelyn has consistently been active in ministry.  She has approached her ministry tasks and her academic work with care and dedication. She is studying to prepare for ministry, but she is an excellent minister now.  As a candidate for graduation, she has the theoretical training and practical experience to be a great leader in Children’s Ministry and many other areas of serving and leading in the church.  Katelyn’s leadership is relational, kind, and smart.  People are always a priority to her.  She cares for them where they are but wants to help them progress in their growth – which she can help them envision and support. 

Undergraduate Online: Manuel Martinez (CPC) 

Manuel is an excellent student who, in addition to raising a family and work life, committed himself to not only maintain a consistent level of excellent work, but went out of his way to encourage and support other students in the program. Despite some challenging circumstances in earlier life, Manuel has shown a great determination for sharing the word of God.  Manuel has demonstrated wonderful Christian leadership in his roles as a youth pastor, children's pastor, Spanish ministry leader and a court facilitator, providing Christian leadership to young people during times of great crisis.

Graduate: Jacob Kavanaugh (MFT)

Jacob has been an integral part of the MFT department during his time in the program. He committed and excelled as a graduate assistant and lead the process of bringing Mental Health Toastmaster to the program. He joined and helped lead the NAMI (National Alliace on Mental Illness) fundraiser walk, the “Hope Meets” Symposium, and Delta Kappa (the International Marriage and Family Therapy Honor Society) events. He welcomes everyone he meets with a warm smile and Christ-like attitude. In classes, he creates a space that is open and understanding of all students’ comments and ideas and has an encouraging word to help through tough times.