SPERO Takes Flight Again

Posted: July 27, 2021

After being grounded last year due to the pandemic, the SPERO Program for the Performing Arts Summer Camp is back in flight! Founded in 2018 by a trio of HIU alumni –  Gina DeSon (BA ’15), Erin Koshay (BM ’14) and Ember Williams (BM ’00) -- SPERO is a youth theatre program to provide youth with year-round activities as well as opportunities to participate in the annual HIU Spring Musical. The mission of SPERO is to build community, foster character development, and encourage creative potential in local youth by providing theatre education and performance experiences in a Christian college environment.

During the 5-day summer camp, SPERO provides an accessible, enjoyable opportunity for kids to discover and experience the world of performing arts, regardless of their prior experience. The camp is a great place for someone who has never had any stage experience to get his/her “feet wet,” and it is an equally great place for those who have some experience to go deeper in their knowledge and encounter more hands-on learning.

Since its inception, the SPERO Summer Camp program has expanded from one week to two in order to meet the high demand by participants. This year’s camp is open to students entering third through eighth grade. High school students are invited to participate as an “apprentice,” learning practical leadership skills and getting a first-hand look what is required behind the scenes.


// For more information on SPERO, click here.