HIU Education Students Team Up with Anaheim Ducks to SCORE for Local School Kids

Posted: February 18, 2015

FEBRUARY 17, 2015 :: Hope International University’s College of Education participated in the Anaheim Ducks’ 15th annual First Flight Field Trip. Each year, the First Flight Field Trip gives approximately 15,000 local school children the opportunity to think about math and science in fun new ways by turning the ice hockey arena at the Honda Center into the largest classroom in Southern California. HIU’s College of Education sponsored one of the exhibits and brought 12 student volunteers both from both the undergraduate and graduate programs.

"I was happy I could volunteer this year. It was an exciting, fun, and different way to interact with the students outside of the normal classroom setting. Seeing the students so willing to participate and answer questions made the experience all the more enjoyable," said Mary Buck, a senior Liberal Studies major at HIU.

First Flight Field Trip has been recognized as an educational event for all ages by the California State Assembly and as a contributor to informal education by the National Science Teachers’ Association. The event’s coverage of academic principles is designed to meet the state’s educational content standards for grades 3-6 but is appropriate for students and adults of all ages.

This year’s theme was “Build a Better Puck,” and students were challenged to create their own 3D puck design, experimenting with different weights, sizes, and materials. The Ducks partnered with Autodesk to create a step-by-step lesson about 3D printing and design, which included player interviews and an exploration of how engineering affects students' daily lives. 

This free annual event presents a new and engaging theme for participants each year. The curriculum used is part of the team’s Scholastic Curriculum of Recreation and Education (S.C.O.R.E) program. Educational concepts are taught by Ducks’ hockey players and coaches.