Sowing Seeds of Significance Over Spring Break

Posted: March 31, 2015

For over two decades, groups of selfless HIU students and staff have used their time off during Spring Break to serve communities in Mexico through Amor Ministries’ Project Barnabas. Led by Bryan Sands, Director of Campus of Ministries and Michele Kleeman, Program Coordinator for Student Activities and Leadership Development, Hope students and staff volunteered as Project Barnabas team members, serving other work groups at various build sites.

“The Barnabas program is all about doing behind-the-scenes work that enables others to build homes. As part of camp set up, we build bathrooms. Although this may sound like a filthy job, there is beauty in the fact that they are necessary, helpful and being used by the workers,” said Kleeman. “May we always remember that every task, big or small, dirty or clean, can have a meaningful impact. We do not need to see the harvest to know that our service produces fruit.”

Because HIU’s Spring Break was a little earlier than other schools this year, the team spent some time preparing for larger groups to come later this Spring. Amor expects to host thousands of people from different groups around the world who come to build houses with them during their busy season, March 21- April 10.

The HIU team also participated in community outreach efforts and gathered groups of children together for Vacation Bible School (VBS) presentations throughout the week.

“Our students love going to Mexico with Amor and we have a great partnership with that ministry and its founder Gayla Congdon, an HIU alumna. Next year, we are hoping to double the amount of students we take to Mexico to serve on our Fall and Spring trips,” said Sands.

For more on this story, visit Amor’s blogsite or email Bryan Sands for a schedule of upcoming trips.