Home To Be Constructed In HIU Parking Lot

Posted: January 1, 2014

On Wednesday, January 22, Hope International University students will build a house to help support the mission work of AMOR Ministries. The house will be constructed in the HIU parking lot and then transported to the AMOR site in Mexico.

“This building project will bring awareness to the reality that there are people all over the world who are living an impoverished life and we can come alongside them to be the hands and feet of Jesus,” said Bryan Sands, Director of Campus Ministries.

Referring to Hope’s regular AMOR mission trips, Sands went on to say, “Building this house on campus will give our entire student body a taste of what we do in Mexico.”

Once completed, the home will serve as the primary residence for AMOR interns, who raise their own support while working for the ministry. Interns are key to the organization’s ability to coordinate with groups around the globe and assist in building homes for those in need. The house built by HIU, which was funded by the donations of staff and faculty, will provide interns with a better living environment as they continue to work in the mission field.

The project, which is part of Hope’s Spring New Student Orientation, further highlights the strong partnership between the University and AMOR. For over 12 years the two organizations have come together to build homes for more than 16 families with the help of students, staff, and faculty. Last year, AMOR thanked HIU for its long-time support by presenting the University with an official letter of recognition.

Since being founded by  alumni Scott (MA ’89) and Gayla Congdon (BA ’77, MA ’89) in 1980,AMOR Ministries has built over 17,300 homes for families in need and 344 churches.