Arts & Sciences And Business & Management Colleges Each Welcome Two New Professors

Posted: September 21, 2013

Hope International University is proud to announce the addition of four members to its full-time faculty. Professors Sandy Kavanaugh and Shannon Proctor join the College of Arts & Sciences while Professors Brian Albright and Andrew Paine will teach in the College of Business & Management.

Professor Shannon Proctor
Teaching is more than just a job for Proctor; it is an opportunity to encourage students. This is a legacy her mother, a K-12 teacher for 22 years, taught her and something Proctor takes to heart.  “Earning a college degree isn’t really an option these days; it’s practically mandatory. I want to help students achieve that goal,” she said. “As faculty we have time to really invest in a student’s education through both the classroom and advising. I hope to remind my students that putting Jesus first is never a waste of time or energy.”
Proctor is teaching communication, leadership and critical thinking courses in the College of Arts & Sciences and is looking forward to integrating faith into her curriculum. “The Bible says a lot about the way we talk, making the fit very easy in the communication classroom.”
In addition to teaching her courses, she also oversees the Student Publications program and advises the Lampas Yearbook team. Proctor, who is currently working toward a Ph.D. at Regent University, has an M.Div. from Fuller Theological Seminary and an M.A. from the University of Illinois.

Professor Sandy Kavanaugh
Before Kavanaugh was a faculty member at HIU she already knew the University’s reputation for developing servant leaders who impact the world for Christ. Several staff members at her church are HIU graduates and Kavanaugh has seen them repeatedly represent the standard of excellence HIU asks of its students. Now as a math professor in the College of Arts & Sciences, she will have the opportunity to build up the next generation of servant leaders. 
“I feel privileged to be at this school working with people who have a heart for ministry and to serve the church.  I hope to continue to raise the bar in our community’s understanding of and appreciation for mathematics.  I also hope to find ways to stimulate growth in how we use quantitative reasoning both in and out of the classroom.”
Kavanaugh has a BA and MA from CSUF and an additional MA from Talbot Seminary.

Professor Brian Albright
A Ph.D. candidate at Eastern University, Albright is passionate about training students who are interested in Business as Mission and Social Entrepreneurship.
“I hope that I’m able to walk alongside business students at Hope and the community in general in discovering the intrinsic value of business and how it can intentionally be used further God’s holistic mission,” he said.
With a background as an adjunct professor in the College of Business & Management, Albright felt his relationships with other HIU faculty were instrumental in his decision to become a full-time professor.  “It was a team I looked forward to joining.” He is the Director of Income Generation and Chairman of the Board: Living Room Ministries International and has an M.A. from Fuller Theological Seminary and an MBA from Azusa Pacific University

Professor Andrew Paine
Paine, who will be instrumental in kicking off Hope’s new Accounting concentration, has a long history with HIU already as a graduate assistant, adjunct professor, and head coach of the women’s soccer team. During that time he got to experience the fantastic community Hope has to offer, and he is excited to continue to be a part of it on a full-time basis.
 “As coaches we talk about how to win games while helping to mold and shape the character of our players and I believe it is the same with the students.  As a professor there is information and knowledge to pass on to your students but if all you do is read from a textbook or slide what value are you adding to their life?” Paine said. “My goal and hope is that they will learn and be empowered to know that I care about them as people and want them to succeed in my classroom but more so in life.  Life is not always about how high you get in business but the positive impact you made along the way.”

He holds an MBA from Hope International University and is in his third year as head coach of the HIU women’s soccer team.