New Masters Degree in Counseling Prepares Students for LPCC Careers

Posted: February 13, 2017

[ ANAHEIM, CA ]  Hope International University’s College of Psychology proudly announces the addition of a Master of Science in Counseling (MSC) program to its Online Graduate studies. This fully online 61-unit program is approved by the Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) for licensure as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) in the state of California.

Professional clinical counseling includes conducting assessments for the purpose of establishing counseling goals and objectives to empower individuals to deal adequately with life situations, reduce stress, experience growth, change behavior, and make well-informed, rational decisions.

“This is a very exciting time in the field of psychology and counseling,” says Professor Robin Felix, Chair of HIU’s MSC Program. “Our new graduate degree program prepares students for careers as a LPCC.”

The curriculum integrates both theory and practice, grounded in Christian principles. Sound research skills, theoretical teaching, practical application, and clinical training are central to the curriculum. The faculty guides students through academic studies, clinical courses, self-assessment measures, and professional development, all of which provide a rich educational experience.  Faculty members are current practitioners who bring their professional experiences to the classroom.

“The faculty of the MSC program value engaging with students and challenging them to grow in their pursuit of knowledge, professionalism, and clinical skills,” continues Felix. “Our faculty genuinely cares for each student and they are eager to assist students in getting the most out of every educational opportunity. Alumni often speak of the great relationships that have developed with faculty through meaningful discussions and class experiences.

“At HIU, we challenge our students from their first week of classes to consider how they can use their unique gifts and strengths to make a difference and impact the world for Christ. Many of our recent graduates are making a significant impact in their communities both in the United States and around the globe.”

In addition to academic course requirements, students are placed in community-based clinical training sites where they undergo real-world training experiences with diverse clientele. The students work with supervisors who have had specific training in mental health supervision and meet rigorous supervision standards. The MSC program at HIU accepts students from around the world and is dedicated to training students to work with diverse populations.

The program meets the educational requirements of the BBS in California, including the requirements of the Business and Professions Code, Section 4999.32 and 4999.33. Graduates may sit for their licensing examination upon completion of the necessary 3,000 supervised hours.