"Ruining Christmas--Rediscovering Jesus"

Posted: October 12, 2021

Have you wondered if Christmas is really a pagan holiday? Did marketers invent Santa Claus? And what does a Christmas tree have to do with anti-slavery? Maybe you’ve asked what was the Bethlehem star? Or have you heard that there wasn’t an inn or innkeeper? Do we know if the magi were kings, astrologers, or magicians? Or could you name the oldest person that met baby Jesus?

Dr. Carl Toney’s new book, Ruining Christmas—Rediscovering Jesus, sheds light on these and many more questions about the origins of Christmas, including the circumstances and cast of characters surrounding Jesus’ birth. The book reveals which traditions come from the Bible and where others derive.

“As we explore the stories and traditions of Christmas together, we’ll ruin some past misconceptions, but in the process, I promise that we’ll rediscover Jesus” (from the author).

Toney is Professor of New Testament and Chair of the Graduate Ministry Program at Hope International University. He earned his Ph.D. from Loyola University Chicago (2007).


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