Lena Weninger

Dec. 05, 2019, 9:30am - 10:20am

Lena was born in Nuremberg, Germany, 1994 and came to America after living in Australia for three years. Lena attended Hillsong College and earned her degree in Christian Leadership and Worship Arts.

Lens says that, “God called me to California two years ago and I followed his voice into the unknown - I knew one lady here and came with a suitcase and my guitar. The Lord told me He had called me here for revival and that Orange County will be on fire for Jesus.”

Lena has attended: Hillsong International Bible College, Sydney, Australia. Victory Life International Bible College, Perth, Australia.

Lena is currently on staff at The Shoreline Church in San Clemente, CA where she is the Elementary Ministry Coordinator.


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