Current SALT Course Offerings

BIB5003/1225 | New Testament Overview – History and Literature of Early Christians
A study of the background, history and emphases of New Testament documents as they relate to the development and theology of the early church recorded in Acts.

BIB5013/1325 | Old Testament Overview – History and Literature of Ancient Israel
An introduction to and overview of the history and literature of the Old Testament. Students will be introduced to basic resources and methodologies for study. Relationship and significance of the Old Testament to the New Testament and the Church will be emphasized.

BIB5115/2115 | Bible Study Methods and Tools
This course develops students’ ability to interpret the Bible with confidence and accuracy. It introduces students to the basic principles of exegesis and hermeneutics as well as the tools and resources for studying the Bible. It provides a systematic method for studying the Bible in its historical and literary context.

BIB5103/3405 | Life of Christ – Jesus and the Kingdom among Us
Students explore the purpose, structure, content, theological claims, and enduring significance of Matthew's Gopsel. Special attention is given to Matthew's presentation of Jesus' origin and identity, the nature and content of his Kingdom proclamation, and the facts and significance of his crucifixion and resurrection.

CHM5103/2103 | Elements of Pastoral Ministry - Ministry Practices for the Church
This "how-to" class is designed to give a broad overview of ministry practices such as elements of a worship service; performing baptisms, the Lord's Supper, weddings, and funerals; and hospital visitations. These major pastoral events are addressed from a pastoral perspective and students will receive instruction and tools for effectively addressing these occasions, applying pastoral prayer and Scripture.

CHM5203/2203 | Dynamics of Servant Leadership
This course introduces the principles and practice of servant leadership. What is a servant leader? Why would we choose to be servant leaders? How does a servant leader function in the life of the church and in the world to which Christ sends us?

CNS5103/2103 | Introduction to Care Ministries
This course examines both the theoretical and theological principles behind pastoral care. It also equips participants with effective foundational skills for providing pastoral care, including active listening, crisis management, visitation protocols, and pastoral prayer.

CHM5213/2213 | Leadership Styles and Principles
This course examines a range of key leadership principles relevant to every level of leadership and explores how to transfer major principles into various ministry settings, regardless of size or focus.

ICS5113/2113 | The Gospel in Mission – Cross-Cultural Communication
This course provides principles and processes needed for successfully communicating the gospel across cultural boundaries. It focuses on skills for intercultural relationships and the significance of the incarnational model Jesus presented to the world.

ICS5203/CHM3600 | Introduction to World Religions
This course provides an overview of major world religions with particular attention to how they compare and interact with Christianity. It examines the origins and development of major world religions and their adaptation to present day social and political situations.

SPT5103/2103 | Developing Spiritual Disciplines
This course introduces the spiritual disciplines of Scripture, prayer, fasting, silence, and solitude. It examines historical and biblical teachings on these disciplines, and explores their function and purpose for believers today. It also guides students into practical experiences of the disciplines, building a foundation for ongoing spiritual formation.

SPT5203/2203 | Balancing Ministry and Personal Life
This course explores the principles of setting boundaries. It helps the student develop a realistic perspective of ministry, marriage, and family. The course also focuses on skills for maintaining a mutually meaningful marriage, and guides the student to identify areas of weakness and develop strategies for strengthening. (SALT)

CHM3330/CHM5233 | Perspectives on Dynamic Church Leadership
This course surveys a variety of perspectives on dynamic leadership in the church.  It features a selection of successful pastors, giving insights into what techniques and values have made their churches dynamic and effective.  It also ties into the heritage that these church leaders draw from that informs the way their churches operate.